Berkley Owls – Up to 14 Owls at your Event

photo_1Berkley Owls can be booked to attend your Event. There is a static display of up to 14 Owls from all over the globe, some of which are extremely rare. The display is in a modular marquee. This display is open to view throughout the opening times of the event and visitors can have the experience of holding an owl for a small fee, and even a quality photograph taken as a memento of their experience for an additional fee, this being produced on-site in a matter of minutes and presented in a sleeve.

photo_2The arena displays normally last around 30 minutes and to put it mildly, are spellbinding! Spectators get the opportunity to join Berkley Owls in the Arena and assist him in demonstrating just how wise and clever Owls can be, mocking those who claim Owls are stupid. Berkley Owls will get Owls to fly close by the Spectators, where they will feel only the slight breeze from their flight without hearing the slightest sound.