Owl Rescue

Owl Rescue and Care Berkley Owls have been rescuing Owls for what seems like forever. Over the years we have learned how best to give treatment returning from veterinary intervention. Most often the “injured” Owl is fine but may be in shock as a result of Human intervention, when it would have been better to leave the Owl where it was found. Frequently the “Casualty” is a fledgling Owlet who has just emerged from the nest and appears in need of help. If it has emerged a little too soon it is capable of climbing back up to the nest site. Humans go into panic mode and interfere with all the best intentions.

Traffic casualties are more often than not, much more seriously injured than it appears, they have fragile eyes that are easily damaged, and this can only be seen with specialist equipment. At our Rescue Centre, we have the necessary Staff, Training and Equipment to assess injured Owls. Vets send them to us for further support when appropriate. Much of our equipment is purchased using donations from people in all walks of life. Without these gifts we would not be able to treat the injured Owls and would have to turn them away.

To contact us for advice after receiving veterinary assistance see our contacts page.